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javawirelessconnection info

  1. Scan and connect to Wifi networks using Java - Stack Overflow

    Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

  2. Java and wireless connections - Stack Overflow

    For example it will check my connection to a certain cell (mobile telephony) or a

  3. java - WiFi connection via android - Stack Overflow

    I need a tutorial on how to process data on android via wifi. F.e., I need to send some message to PC and receive some other message. How should I establish the connection? What should I do to be...

  4. performance - How to test wireless connection speed using java?

    In my compiler how would I test wireless connection speed from a computer?

  5. java - wireless connection between mobile device... - Stack Overflow

    I would like to establish a connection between a mobile device and computer so they can interact with each other. I should be able to send and receive data at both the ends, just like a chat client.

  6. java me - j2me wireless connection - Stack Overflow

    I am trying to create a java application that can return on my "DeflaulCldcPhone" all the wireless network connections available. Can someone tell me how to do that?

  7. Newest 'java-wireless-toolkit' Questions - Stack Overflow

    Java ME Wireless Toolkit, also known as WTK and Java ME SDK.

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